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Woods: Williams not a rascist
Tiger Woods has exonerated his former caddie Steve Williams for the controversial racial remarks he made, claiming that Williams is “certainly not a racist”.

Woods added: "It was a wrong thing to say. We're moving forward. It was hurtful certainly, but life goes forward.

"It is a comment that shouldn't have been made and he certainly wishes he didn't make it."

Woods said he had spoken to Williams about the remark, but declined to reveal exactly what they discussed.

"We talked about it this morning [Monday], we met face-to-face, we talked it through and we have agreed it was the wrong thing to say," former world number one Woods said. "He did apologise."

Woods said he had "no doubts" in his belief that Williams did not hold racist views.
"It's one of those things. We'll see what time does," said Woods. "Time does heal wounds and we'll see how that goes."

The caddie has also apologised publicly for his remarks, while European Tour chief George O'Grady and US PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem have decided to take no action.

"I don't make policy, I'm not part of the governing bodies and it's up to them," said Woods.

Williams, who now carries Adam Scott's bag, made the comments when he was awarded a light-hearted accolade for "the best celebration of the year" at a private caddies' dinner in Shanghai on Friday.

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