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Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for Beginners

Starting out learning a brand new sport can be pretty daunting, there are so many different rules, lessons, techniques and tips to take in and learn that it can get a little confusing. Here are three main tips to remember when starting out in golf that will help you in your learning process and the game.

Your First Clubs
Don’t go mad with your first set of clubs. They don’t have to cost the earth. As a beginner, you won’t get all the benefits that come with having the more expensive clubs anyway as you won’t have the technique or the finesse to utilise them. Think about buying one of the cheaper sets just whilst you are learning, better yet, get yourself a used set or you might be able to borrow a set from a friend just whilst you work out what clubs will be best for you.

Your Instructor
You may feel that the best way to learn is by having lessons from friends and family that have already been playing golf for a while. Although this is a good source of information it is not always the best. Family and friends will give you their opinions and show you their particular techniques, but in fact all people are different, and each golfer will develop their technique over time. To really understand the game though it is always best to have a professional teach you. Golf pros are experienced at fixing golf swings and explaining things to you in terms of how they affect the ball flight and trajectory.

Enjoy it!
This may sound like a very simple suggestion but a lot of the time beginners will take the game too seriously, pushing themselves to learn the game and become good at it straight away. What beginners need to remember is to just have fun. Enjoy the day and the course, it’s not a competition and your score will more than likely be bad to start with but you will improve. Just have fun with your friends and take your time.


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