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Rock star's drunk golf cart ride mayhem
A golf cart might not always seem to be the most Rock 'n' Roll of vehicles, but for Mick Brown, the drummer for classic rocker Ted Nugent, it fit the bill for a night of drunken mischief.

Following a Nugent concert in Bangor, Maine, the 55-year-old Brown stole the golf cart whilst drunk and began reportedly driving it recklessly along a foot path.

Not only did the man known as "Wild" Mick Brown, who co-founded heavy metal band Dokken, manage to evade police and security officials but he also had time to pick up two women along the way.

Brown was eventually arrested and charged with multiple counts including DUI and assault.

The police department gave an account of the incident on their Facebook page:

'As (officers) attempted to stop Brown, he accelerated past them, past a third officer and when a security officer got close enough to stop him, Brown allegedly shoved the officer.

'At that point two other security officers physically removed Brown from the cart and placed him on the ground.

'No damage was reported to the cart although two traffic cones were damaged, one still under the cart, significantly so.'

Brown was released on $4,000 bail.

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