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Wood's Apology is Just the First Step

Wood’s Apology is Just the First Step

Tiger Woods made a sincere apology to family, friends and fans last week in a private conference he called at the PGA headquarters. Woods made a heartfelt apology which touched upon all his wrongs and apologising for his actions, the words were sincere yet the apology still comes under scrutiny.

The apology was conducted during a live television broadcast and was meant to win back the support and the confidence of his sponsors and fans. It comes under scrutiny from the press as the whole speech was very scripted.

Woods didn’t divulge much information but if he wants the press and the media to stop biting at his heels he will have to give out more before people can start trusting him again. If Woods is sincere then it can have a very positive impact on his career but if he is just playing to the cameras then his future could be his past.

The apology initially came under scrutiny when it was scheduled at the same time as the Accenture World Match Play Championship which onlookers suggest was done purposely to steal limelight and attention off the championship, Wood’s spokespeople say though that it was not a vindictive act just merely a break in between his therapy.

T.J.Walker who is a crisis management counsellor stated that Woods’ made a mistake by not holding a question and answer session. By not answering the pressing media questions it just adds to the speculation of the subject and adds to the perception that Wood’s feels he is above societal rules.

The apology was definitely scripted but the preparation was necessary in order to get all his points across and at the end of the day the apology was to win favor back and ensure people knew he was sorry and this is exactly what he achieved.

 “Nothing is left to chance in these circumstances,” Towers said. “But just because he worked very hard presenting it, that doesn’t change its sincerity.”

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