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Luke Donald desperate for major
There have been eight first-time major winners in a row since the Tiger Woods Express juddered to a halt in light of marital woes, but despite all these new members to the elite club one man of particular note is still empty-handed.

Englishman Luke Donald was ranked No1 for much of 2011 and achieved the unprecedented feat of winning both PGA and European Tour Money Lists, but a major championship continues to elude him.

"I'm not going to shy away from it. That's the one thing missing on my résumé -- I want to win majors," Donald said.

A state of affairs that the World No2 is determined to put right.

"I think at the majors, there is more expectation, there's more pressure. It's learning to deal with that," he said. "I'm learning that I get more uptight at majors. I want to win it so badly that sometimes that gets in the way and it's learning to relax and deal with that. I know I have the ability to win one."

Donald's best efforts so far have yielded two third-place finishes at majors at the 2005 Masters and the 2006 PGA Championships, but he feels his natural sense of competition will see him finally claim a win at the grandest stage.

"Ask my wife -- I don't really like to lose at anything, whether it be golf or whatever the challenge is," he said. "You know, just daily things like chasing my daughter up to the top of the stairs. I don't like to let my daughter win, and she's a 2-year-old."

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