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World Fitness Day

Jane Fonda, the 70s fitness guru, has organized the world’s first ever Fitness Day.

The event was held on the first of May, which is the start of National Fitness Month. It was took place at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome with 1,500 participants, and 46, 000 on line viewers from all over the world.

 The idea was to encourage and inspire people of all levels of fitness and age to start working out and to take charge of their bodies.

For an hour the participants were led in exercise sessions, depending on their age and ability. Also taking part were celebrities Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks, Debbie Allen and the Pointer Sisters

A statement on Jane Fonda website said

“The first World Fitness Day was a joyful success. It happened just as I had dreamed: people from 12 to 82 years old all worked out together, worked up a real sweat and enjoyed every minute of it! Let’s hear it for fitness across the life span!! I am also thrilled that every participant I talked to (and I talked to hundreds after the event) said they felt a new commitment to health and fitness. All said they’d for sure come back next year!”

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