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I can still top Nicklaus, says Tiger Woods
The 2008 US Open seems a long time ago and it's been four long major-less years since then for Tiger Woods. A period of his career filled with off-field drama and on-field mediocrity and injuries that has seen catching Nicklaus's 18 major change from inevitable to improbable.

And yet Tiger Woods still maintains hope that he will end his barren run at the championship known as "Glory's last shot", the final major of the year, the PGA Championship.

"I figure it's going to take a career," Woods said. "It's going to take a long time. Jack didn't finish his run until he was 46, so if you go by that timetable, I have 10 more years. Four more majors is a lot but I've got plenty of time.

With the training regimes that we have now and seeing other guys play well, you can get on the right golf course and contend. We can play late in our careers because of our training and also getting the right golf course.

"There's so many guys with a chance to win. The margin is getting smaller. The scores between the leader and the guy who is tied 70th is sometimes 10 shots or less, which is amazing. It seems like that at every tour event, which wasn't always the case; that gap would be 14, 15 shots."

His optimism is not necessarily ill-placed, after all there have been signs of marked improvement in form. He currently leads the PGA Tour in wins and tied for third at last month's Open Championship.

"I was there at the US Open after two days and I was right there with a chance at the Open," Woods recalled. "Things have progressed but, still, not winning a major championship doesn't feel very good.

"In the last couple of years, my game was not where it is at now. This year I have won three times and it has been a pretty good year. I've been there with a chance to win a few more. It's been totally different; physically my game is way different than what it was last year."

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