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Nicklaus: Young stars can push Woods on to 18
Jack Nicklaus has said that he feels Tiger Woods will not return to his previous imperious form, but believes that there was enough on display during his victorious Presidents Cup run that shows he can still maintain a high standard.

And that the rise of young talented players can only help push him further
But will Woods break his record of 18 Majors though?

"Will Tiger go back to the way he was, winning all the time? Probably not. But will he go back and play very well? Yes," Nicklaus told the Monterey County Herald.

 "People said, 'Look who Jack played against in his prime.' I played against Palmer, Trevino, Watson, Miller — all guys who won a lot of tournaments and majors.

Well, now Tiger is playing against some kids like the Rory McIlroys, Jason Days and Keegan Bradleys of the golf world, who've been successful and are 12-13 years younger than Tiger.

So he's got his run of guys to play against. So we'll see. These young kids have learned how to win.

Not at the level of the Trevinos or Watsons, but they will because they're such great players at a young age. And that's competition that Tiger will have the rest of his career.

 I've always said Tiger will pass my record but he's still got to do it. If you look out there, there is no one else other than Tiger who's won five majors. For some guys, that's a whole career."

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