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Lefty's gripe won't change PGA policy on phones
Tour Comissioner Tim Finchem re-affirmed the PGA's stance on mobile-phone policy today after Phil Mickelson and other players called for change following events at last week's Memorial Tournament.

Mickelson left the tournament after he completed a dismal first round 79, but not before texting Finchem on the fairway of the sixth hole to complain about the lack of control of phone use by fans.

And other players quickly joined in the debate on the side of Mickelson.

"It took Phil out of his game," Bubba Watson said, referring to the snaps and clicks of the cellphone cameras. "Phil's a great player and a great champion and it just took him out of his game. It's sad. It's sad that cell phones can make or break a championship."

"There were a few phones out there," 23-year-old star Ricky Fowler added. "There were a few times when we had to back off and reset. You could see Phil was a little fatigued and was having trouble blocking it out a bit."

Finchem dismissed the concerns the players had for the PGA ruling on phones usage, and instead chose to  blame lax security officials for failing to control the unruly crowd at Memorial in Dublin, Ohio.

Finchem insisted the policy allowing fans to bring phones to tournaments would remain in place

"We’re committed to making it work,” Finchem told reporters. “If we get to a point where we don’t have an acceptable competitive environment, we’ll do whatever we need to do, but I don’t see that happening.”

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