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Palm Springs Home Pro Classic Spa With Cover

Perfect for relaxing after a round of golf!

Palm Springs Home Pro Classic Spa With Cover
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Palm Springs Home Pro Classic Spa With Cover
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Palm Springs Home Pro Classic Spa With Cover

The Palm Springs Inflatable Pro Series Spa is the perfect way to enjoy all seasons. This innovative design invites a touch of luxury to your yard. 88 air jets provide plenty of comfort, relaxation and leisure at its heart, the Palm Springs Inflatable Spa is sure to become your favorite place to sit and chat with friends or the tranquil retreat you are longing for.

The pro model includes an additional body cover for further protection from wearing and damage from its surroundings. The outer-shell is constructed from a durable synthetic material, making for a highly durable and aesthetically stunning spa.  It is also lined with a special heat retention material.

The complete spa package is contained in one box making it as portable as it is easy to assemble.

Product Specifications:
  • Seating: 2 adults + 2 kids
  • Water capacity: 700 litters / 185 gallons
  • Air Blower: 500W/1 HP
  • Heater: 1320W - Max water temp 104° (40ºC)
  • Filter: 60W
  • Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz
  • Outer Dimensions: 69 inches x 25 inches (175cm x 50cm)
  • Inner Dimensions: 55 inches x 20 inches (140cm x 50cm)
  • Jets: 88 total
  • Plugs into household standard AC outlet equipped with GFCI

Warranty 6 months for spa, 12 months for electric pump
(Punctures to spa during use/assembly not covered under warranty)

Package includes:

  • Spa inflatable hot tub
  • Hot tub body cover for added protection
  • Filter pump
  • Filter
  • Inflation hose 
  • Instruction manual with "how to" assembly, repairs, and troubleshooting

Assembly of the Palm Springs inflatable spa is quick and easy. Inflate the spa PVC shell with the pump included and attach the filter pump. Fill with water and turn the spa on, once the water has reached a suitable temperature it is ready to use. From inflation to ready within 10-15 minutes!


What type of chemicals should be used?

Chlorine can be used if desired to maintain freshness of water, but customer should check with local pool supply store as to what concentration and frequency of application should be used


How frequently should the water be changed?

Weekly if used heavily and without chemicals. If chlorine is used, this can be less frequent, but depends on usage and conditions such as if left in direct sunlight (which will cause more algae growth). Common sense is the best thing to go by – if the water smells or looks funky, change it or treat it.


What is the max tempetature?

Maximum temp is 104°(50°C) while there may be some variant with device readings of a few degrees. Other environmental conditions may affect maximum temp, but limited too:

1. Environmental temperature lower than 10°C(50°F)

2. Outdoor wind force above Gentle breeze/F 3

3. Environmental temperature lower than 10°C(50°F) and wind force above Gentle breeze/F 3

4. Activate bubbling system when heating

5. Improperly covered when heating